HM Terror From Beyond Operator IX (8 man) Guide

Yes, I re-used this image.

The Operator IX fight is one that I love to hate. It is incredibly fun, but can be quite frustrating if raid members are not on top of their shit. It took me a while to complete this fight and it inspired my comic. But a few weeks later, after joining a new guild I have successfully completed the entire operation and will continue my guides!

Mechanics to watch out for:

  • Data Cores/phases
  • Color pairs
  • Color Spheres
  • Regulators/Rectifier
  • Color circles
  • Deletion Shields

Starting out

Before entering the fight room you will see some terminals in different colors. Raid members will have to pair off so that they are divided as follows:

  • Blue: DPS/Tank
  • Orange: DPS/Tank
  • Purple: DPS/Healer
  • Yellow:  DPS/Healer

After everyone has chosen their color, begin the fight by YOLOing and running directly into the fray!

Phase 1:

General Overview:

During phase 1, the circle in the middle will be a certain color and a terminal similar to the ones the colors are selected on will light up on one of the pillars around the middle circle.

The order for the color changes is: Blue, Orange, Purple, Yellow. During these phases the DPS of the color will channel on one the terminals that pops up and the Tank or Healer will stand in the middle circle.

During the different color phases, there will be two spheres of the specific color floating around the center circle. The raiders of these colors should try to kill off one sphere of their color as soon as possible and then continue with the rest of the mechanics. The purpose of killing these spheres is to get a buff called “[Your Color] Obtuse” that will be very important during phase 2. This buff looks like a bubble of your color.

It is important for tanks to stay near the middle because adds will come try to interrupt the channeler. The channeling makes it so that the shields on the Data Cores around the room will be down. If you are tanking keep an eye out for any adds coming towards the middle. Do whatever you can to get these adds away from the channeler; if the channeler is interrupted, especially in the yellow phase, it could really be a close call.

The DPS who are not channeling should work as a group to find a Data Core with its shield down, kill it as fast as possible and then move onto the next Data Core. There are a total of 8 Data Cores around the room and two will be unshielded per phase. The second Data Core will be located directly across the room from the first.

The different color phases all have different time limits:

  • Blue: 70 seconds
  • Orange: 60 seconds
  • Purple: 55 seconds
  • Yellow: 50 seconds

If the DPS fail to kill the two data cores within these time limits, a Rectifier will spawn and will likely kill everyone. The Rectifier is a big droid that hits like a truck, if you want to be successful, make sure to keep up the DPS on the Data Cores.

After the 2 Data Cores are killed, the next color phase will begin.

Differences per color phase:


The simplest/easiest phase. Basically follow the guide of the general overview for this phase.


Orange can be a pain in the ass because instead of little easily killable adds, 2 Recognizers will spawn (not at the same time) and run for the tank & DPS of the orange color. Both tanks should pay close attention to these adds and keep them away from the channeler. The Recognizers hit like a truck and have a decent amount of health, but DPS should focus on Data Cores during this phase, and Healers just make sure the tanks stay up. Clean up will be done during the purple phase.


So discount everything I said about doing crazy DPS during this phase. During the Purple Phase you actually want to push a Rectifier to spawn.

When the Purple Phase starts, DPS should head to the middle to help clear out the Recognizers remaining from the Orange Phase. After the Recognizers are dead, DPS can continue to kill Data Cores as before, but make sure not to go too crazy (only kill one at most) before the time limit is up.

When the time limit runs out, a Rectifier will spawn. DPS should work to take care of the Rectifier and then continue to kill the remaining Data Core.


This is where DPS better be on top of their shit. In the Yellow Phase, you’ll only have 50 seconds to kill both Data Cores AND Recognizers will spawn that the tanks will have to deal with. If you successfully complete the Yellow Phase without a Rectifier spawning, there will likely be Recognizers remaining in the middle that the DPS should kill as soon as possible–AND Operator IX will finally be out. Time for Phase 2~!

Phase 2:

You should designate a Tank to take Operator IX. As soon as the Yellow Phase ends, Operator IX will appear in the middle and this tank should taunt as soon as possible. If Operator IX is not taunted immediately, he will probably one-shot at least one member of the raid.

The other tank should keep the adds on them so the DPS can easily take care of them and then continue to damage Operator IX himself.

Time for more pain-in-the-ass intense mechanics!

Black Obtuse

Throughout the fight Operator IX will channel “Black Obtuse”. Operator IX will become immune to damage while this is being channeled, and the 8 circles around him will start glowing with either Blue, Orange, Purple, or Yellow. Everyone in the raid must pay attention during this, and each person should run into a circle of their color. If one circle remains, Operator IX will one shot the person who didn’t pick it up and perhaps even other people. So make sure you get into your circle.
If someone is dead during this phase, the person who WAS their partner will have to pick up the second circle as well. So if you die, make sure your partner knows! And if both people of one color are dead, their circles can just be ignored :).

Deletion Protocol

Of course, having one auto-kill move was definitely not enough after the long-ass phase BioWare just put everyone through so enter: Deletion Protocol!

So remember how I was pretty vague before about those floating spheres in the middle? Yeah. Did you actually bother killing yours? I hope so. If you did, you’ll have the “Obtuse” buff of your color, which you’ll need if you don’t want Operator IX to kill random people with deletion for literally, like, 23094803294802974029834 damage.

Throughout Phase 2, Operator IX will target people with Deletion protocol. You’ll know who because there will be text that says “_______ has been targeted by [COLOR] Deletion”. What this translates to is that the person who is targeted is going to die unless a person of the specified color stands between Operator IX and the targeted person. If the person is successfully protected, there will be more text that says “[PROTECTOR] activated a deletion shield”.

The “Obtuse” buff will be consumed upon protecting someone from deletion, so the pairs should figure out a priority system for who shields first. If not, both buffs could be consumed at the same time, and any one targeted by Deletion of that color is screwed.


If you fuck up during Phase 2 you’ll have to start all over again~! Nooooo!

In summary:

This fight is very fun and provides pretty good DPS/Tank/Healer/intelligence checks on your raid. I’ve been through a lot of wipes of this particular fight, and you will probably wipe at least once as well, but you’ll definitely learn more as you continue to smash your face into your keyboard.

PROTIP: Avoid drinking until after this fight if you haven’t cleared it before :^).

Dread Guard Boots and 5 Black Hole commendations.


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