“The Guild” a.k.a. my new favorite show ever

So, today I stumbled upon the web-series known as The Guild a.k.a. my new favorite show a.k.a. the story of my life. I had heard about The Guild before because people had told me about striking similarities between some of the main characters and me, but I had never bothered checking it out probably because of laziness and/or forgetfulness. I’m pretty thankful that I checked The Guild out today because it definitely fits a niche I never though a show could.

The Guild follows the lives of gamers in an online guild on some type of Word of Warcraft game. This fact itself is pretty awesome, but what really makes this show for me is how accurate the character archetypes are.

The main characters:

  • Codex (Cyd Sherman)  -> The Guild’s priest and resident socially awkward gamer chick. Though Codex is not the only girl in the guild, she is the main character of the series and portrays the MMO gamer chick persona to a T. Felicia Day, who created the series, plays her and you can tell that her portrayal of this character comes from deep within. 🙂
  • Vork (Herman Holden) -> The Guild’s GM… need I say more? Vork is a single, middle-aged man who is way too into the game. Upon watching the series, Vork reminded me of certain individuals I’ve met along the way. Vork is the srs bsns guildmaster who sets aside the other guildies’ bullshit in favor of progressing through the game. I love Vork as a character in this series just because he is so realistic in terms of MMO gamers. For the normal viewer, Vork would probably just seem like a super nerdy dude who probably dwells in his mother’s basement, but for someone experienced and cultured in the MMO world, Vork is an amazing portrayal of the middle aged men whose lifeblood is ‘the game’.
  • Zaboo (Sujan Balakrishnan Goldberg) -> We all know that one minority kid who is super 1337, but also super weird. This is Zaboo. Zaboo is a Hindi/Jewish warlock who is originally obsessed with Codex and moves on to questionable other relationships throughout the series.
  • Bladezz (Simon Kemplar) -> Any MMO would not be complete without the token teenager obsessed with sexual innuendos. Bladezz is that douche-bag teenager you’re forced to take on guild runs. He’s probably a loot whore and can be seen blackmailing his guildies throughout the series. I also find it hysterical that Bladezz plays a Rogue… of course…
  • Clara (Clara Beane) -> Second on the list of females in the series is Clara. Of course, Clara is a mom. A stay-at-home mom to be precise. Most gamers will readily acknowledge that most of the females in their guilds are just like Clara; stay-at-home moms who are looking for some kind of outlet in their lives. I love that Clara is a main character in this series because I can 100% recall specific instances of playing online games with crazy stay-at-home moms just like Clara.
  • Tinkerballa (April Lou) -> The token Asian girl. Very secretive about her IRL idenitty, uses a catchy pun name online. Every gamer knows a chick like this. Besides her stereotypical persona, Tinkerballa is someone I actually identify with in the series. Tinkerballa is that bitch who uses guys online for either in-game gain (i.e. presents, gold, etc) or even IRL gain as she does with Bladezz. Tinkerballa is cold-hearted and bitchy, but I can’t say that I’ve never used the ‘girl’ card to gain an advantage in game. 😉

I absolutely adore the characters of this show, not because they are particularly good people.. but because I identify with many of them. The ones I don’t identify with I definitely recognize as some of my MMO peers. If you’re an MMO gamer I recommend you check out The Guild if you haven’t already. It’s hilarious. From the freak-out the characters have over the possibility of becoming casuals to the wide array of husband/wife-aggro throughout the series… if you’re an MMO player you’ll love this show for everything it has to offer :).


One thought on ““The Guild” a.k.a. my new favorite show ever

  1. I can’t believe you are making me watch another show! Sounds pretty awesome though. I’ll let you know what I think after a few episodes.

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