HM Terror from Beyond The Writhing Horror Guide

Hiya guys! So last week with 1.4 came a new (super fun) raid called Terror From Beyond! My guild, Just Crusade, has downed the first two bosses of it so far and I’m going to write a little guide for these encounters, starting with the first boss: “The Writhing Horror”. The Writhing Horror is a disgusting giant K’lor slug type enemy that spews disgusting spit at you and the only way to defeat it is through sheer wit and strength! Just kidding, all it really takes is mastering some simple mechanics and not being a keyboard turner :). So, without further ado, I bring you my guide!

Mechanics to look out for:

  • “Corrosive Slime” debuff (all members of the party)
  • Stacks of implanted eggs
  • Red goo/pheromone absorption
  • Burn phase at ~10%

Beginning the Encounter:

You’ll start the encounter with one tank immediately taunting The Writhing Horror and turning her (yes, it is actually a female) away from the raid, to avoid the aforementioned shit she spews. The Writhing Horror is stationary throughout the encounter but moves by burrowing under the ground into predefined spaces around the fight area. It is the tank currently tanking the Writhing Horror’s job to move as quickly as possible to the Horror’s new position and turn her away from the raid immediately to avoid further AOE damage to the raid. Continue the tanking and spanking up until you see red text saying that “A Jealous Male has come to Defend its Mate”.

Check your debuffs constantly!

There is a debuff that goes out at random to raid members called “Corrosive Slime”, it is denoted by a little yellow thing (watch the video to see it for yourself). This debuff is a DOT and needs to be cleansed; however, when it is cleansed it will place a yellow reticle on the ground that will block people from running through it. It’s important to find a safe place (preferably on the outer edge of the fight area) to drop this circle. Do this by either letting your healer know you need a cleanse once you have reached a safe spot or cleansing it yourself in a safe spot. After you have been cleansed, go ahead and keep on going with whichever phase you’re on.

The Jealous Male:

Once the RED TEXT has appeared stating that a jealous male has come to defend its mate, the second tank must switch to tank The Writhing Horror and the first will go to tank the jealous male. Careful, because the jealous male has an annoying knockback, so you’ll want to tank him against a wall of some sort; I suggest in the little cave behind where the Writhing Horror is at the beginning of the encounter. Also, DON’T AOE TAUNT in order to get the Jealous Male unless you absolutely have to; this could cause a lot of problems for the pheromone absorption/successful kill of the foul offspring that spawn with the Jealous Male. The Tank on the Jealous Male must also be careful to avoid three “flower patches” which are an integral part of this encounter.

Flower Patches/Red goo mechanic:

Before starting the encounter, you should define a rotation for the DPS of your group to take turns standing in the red goo/flower patches when the Jealous Male spawns. When the Jealous Male spawns, one of the flower patches around the encounter will turn red and look like a pool of goo, it is the DPS’s job to stand in this goo when he or she sees it spawn. When the DPS stands in the goo, he or she will absorb “calming pheromones” which will attract all of the “Foul Offspring” which spawned with the male to them. It is then easy to AOE the Foul Offspring down. Make sure that you avoid standing in these flower patches/red goo if it is not your turn, because once you absorb the pheromones you cannot get them again, and you will miss the chance for easy management of the adds that spawn in this phase. If you are the DPS designated to stand in the goo, make sure that you stay in it until all of the Foul Offspring are dead. And, tanks, please try to avoid getting the Jealous Male near the designated DPS because it WILL knock them out of the goo.

Continuing onwards:

After all of the foul offspring have been successfully AOE’d down, the DPS should shift their focus to the Jealous Male and then continue killing the Writhing Horror. The cycle will happen again and it will be the tanks’ job to switch targets, and the next DPS’s turn to absorb the pheromones.

Burn phase (~10%-15%):

At around 10%-15%, tons of adds will appear. It’s the tank not tanking the Writhing Horror’s job to attempt to keep the adds away/survive through this burn phase. DPS should just ignore the adds and try to kill the Writhing Horror as soon as possible.


On Hard Mode the Writhing Horror drops a random Hazmat piece and 5 Black Hole commendations.

Video guide made by my guildie, Belanos:

Belanos has his own website at ! Check it out for more TOR stuffs!


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