HM Terror From Beyond Dread Guard Guide

So following up on my last post about how to beat The Writhing Horror in Terror From Beyond Hard Mode, I’m making a guide on how to successfully beat the second boss of HM TFB: The Dread Guard!


The Dread Guard consists of three bosses: Ciphas, Heirad, and Kel’sara. Like The Writhing Horror fight, this fight is also not too hard if your group has a good understanding of the mechanics and pays close attention during the fight.

Mechanics to look out for:

  • Doom/green puddles
  • Marked for death
  • Kel’sara’s debuffs (tanks)
  • Surging chain/interrupts
  • Lightning field
  • Strangling
  • Force leech
  • Legionnaires

Getting started:

This fight has a kill order which is Heirad, Ciphas, and then Kel’sara; mark them if that is helpful for you! The DPS will start out on Heirad who cannot be taunted and the tanks should split up to take either Ciphas or Kel’sara. Kel’sara will put a debuff that stacks on the tank currently on her, and the tanks should switch every 5 or so stacks to avoid taking too much damage.


DPS will start on Heirad and work their best to damage him until he casts “Surging Chain”, denoted by RED TEXT. When Heirad casts surging chain, a bubble will be put around Ciphas and the DPS must switch to Ciphas to destroy it. After the barrier has been destroyed, a DPS should interrupt Ciphas and then the DPS can switch back to Heirad. This will happen a few times throughout the fight so make sure you switch as soon as possible when this comes up.

Heirad’s most annoying move is called “Lightning Field”. Lightning field is also denoted by RED TEXT and it is very important that all raid members pay attention to this. Lightning field is an AOE which will affect all members of the raid by applying a disgusting amount of AOE damage over time. This is a huge pain to heal through, so healers be ready to blow some cool downs. When you see the notification that Heirad will be casting Lightning Field, try to spread the raid out as much as possible, or the damage will stack, the closer raid members are to one another. After the lightning field is over, go back to the same cycle. If your DPS is high enough you can avoid getting a lightning field for the second time which will likely wipe the raid.


Next we move on to Ciphas, he is a little bit less annoying in terms of actual damage done, but mechanics play a big role here. DPS will stay on Ciphas throughout this phase, so don’t worry about Kel’sara; Tanks should remember to keep switching bosses as they receive more stacks of Kel’sara’s debuff, however.

The main mechanic to watch out for during the Ciphas phase is called “Doom.” Ciphas will cast Doom on a specific player and he or she will receive three stacks of a Doom debuff. The person who is doomed will have to run through three green puddles that appear around the fight area, to cleanse his or herself of this debuff. If you are doomed, make sure that you stand in each puddle long enough to notice the debuff falling off, and then continue to the next puddle. If the doomed player does not remove all stacks of doom before the debuff’s time runs out, he or she will be automatically killed. If you are not doomed, please try to not stand in the green puddles because you will take damage from them.

Ciphas’ only other annoying mechanic is strangling. Ciphas will randomly jump to strangle a member of the raid and must be interrupted. Keep on going with the DPS/tank swaps throughout this phase, and once Ciphas dies move on to Kel’sara.


Kel’sara is also pretty annoying. Similar to Ciphas’ dooming people, Kel’sara will mark someone for death. The individual marked for death must run away from Kel’sara until their debuff runs out. Be very careful to start running immediately if you are marked for death, because if Kel’sara catches you she will one-shot you! Sorcerers can try to help by using extrication, and you are able to use any speed increasing moves you have to keep away from Kel’sara during this phase.

Tanks should still be swapping based on stacks during this phase and also need to look out for “Force Leech”. Kel’sara will cast force leech on her current tank and this debuff makes it so any healing that tank receives will damage them. If you get force leeched, call out to the raid to make sure no one heals you until the debuff falls off.

The last mechanic during the Kel’sara phase is Legionnaires. Three Legionnaires will spawn together a few times throughout the fight. The right Legionnaire should be killed first because it has a nasty DOT, but other than that just DPS them down when you see them come up; they are pretty easy to kill :).

In conclusion:

This fight is not too bad, just a lot of debuffs going out and switches to watch out for. I’d say the hardest part is the Lightning Field cast by Heirad because it does a nasty amount of damage to everyone, so healers beware!


We’ve cleared this twice so far and it has dropped Dread Guard gloves and 5 Black Hole Commendations each time, however I have heard that it has the potential to drop another Dread Guard piece. If you know feel free to comment so I can make this guide better!

Belanos’ video guide:

I hope this guide was helpful to you, feel free to let me know if I missed anything or if I can do anything better.


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