“Moods” in Patch 1.4


Patch 1.4 has brought a lot of pretty cool stuff to the SWTOR universe including a new, super fun operation, convenient companion gear customization, and even delayed binding on drops/items paid for with commendations, but I’m going to talk about one of the sillier additions of patch 1.4: the “moods” system!

This feature is probably mostly for RPing. As an avid PvE-er and sometimes PvPer on a PVE server, I don’t know much about RP besides the pain of accidentally hitting the “/” next to numlock and turning on RP walk, but I’m sure that you RPers are just as excited about this as you are about possibly getting more chairs to sit in! Yay! As for me, I think this new feature is mostly lulzworthy, not because it’s stupid to be able to customize the face your character is making, but because the options we are given are so ridiculous looking.

In the picture above I compiled some of my favorite “mood” settings. As you can see your mood can range from constipated as in “/hurt”, to suggestive like “/flattered”; unfortunately there is not much in between except for “/neutral” which is what I will likely be keeping mine set to for srs bsns purposes. Actually, I kind of take that back, if it were up to me and my “mood” would actually stick wherever I bring my character and show to every body around, I’d have to go with a perma-/astounded. I mean, we’ve all wanted our characters to look like blow up dolls, right? Bio-ware is just making this dream a possibility~

So yeah, the 1.4 “moods” add-on is kind of fun and cheesy, and is definitely a needed addition for those RPers involved in a constipation scenario. What did you think about these changes? Let me know!


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